Rent an inner tube for river float trip.

Watch TV at home.

Buy worms for a fishing trip.

Buy a chocolate chip cookie.

Buy a new pair of blue jeans.

Buy a battery for your watch.

Order a grilled chicken sandwich.

Buy a magazine on state parks.

Buy a new watch.

Buy a pair of tennis shoes.

Buy potato chips for your lunch.

Neighbor hires you to mow his yard.

Buy a hot dog at a baseball game.

Order a spaghetti plate.

Buy a six-pack of soft drinks.

Buy a snack at the movies.

Order a glass of orange juice.

Buy an order of french fries.

Ask for extra rolls.

Order a glass of milk.

Order a salad.

Buy a cup of coffee.

Ask for a glass of water.

Get another glass of soft drink.

Order a piece of cake.

Buy a baseball cap.

Put air in your bicycle tires.

Buy a ticket to the circus.

Buy a Sunday morning newspaper.

Call for a ride home.

Buy a ticket to the zoo.

Buy a ticket to the water park.

Buy a basketball.

Buy a pair of pants.

Buy a new belt.

Buy a calendar for your room.

Get a hair cut.

Buy a new shirt.

Buy a music cassette.

Buy a radio and earphones.

Get a drink from the water fountain.

Bowl one game.

Play softball at a city park.

Buy charcoal for a cook out.

Win 1st place at bowling tournament.

Buy a new alarm clock.

Buy a backpack.

Ask for a refill of tea.

Buy a soft drink.

Ride a city bus to the mall.

Buy bus tickets for one week.

Buy a T-shirt.

Buy fingernail clippers.

Buy a new toothbrush.

Buy chips and a soft drink at work.

Order cereal and a banana.

Buy a ticket to see a movie.

Buy a gallon of milk.

Lose wallet on the way to work.

Help pay the electricity bill.

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