The International Airlines

The International Airlines as stick figures

The International Airlines (formerly Silent Society) is an American pop rock band that orginated in Brooklyn, New York. The group was formed in 1980 as Silent Society while its members were still in middle school. The original members of the band were: Joseph Helm, Rye Avett, Elliott Teagle and Lucas Huey, they signed to Reprise Records and released an album, 60 Minute Warnings, in 1980. After a tepid response to the album, the band parted ways with the record label and the members attended high school. In 2001. the band pursued a new direction under the name: The International Airlines.

The International Airlines
Some attributes
First Band name: The International Airlines
Second Also known as: Silent Society
Third Origin: Brooklyn, New York,

United States

Other attributes
Fourth Genre(s): Pop rock, dance-pop,

electropop, breakstep, teen pop, 2 step, power pop, noise rock

Fifth Label(s): Stomp Records
Sixth Members:

Joseph Helm Rye Avett Elliott Teagle Lucas Huey

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