The List of the New York Dancing Stage Changings are a rhythm-based appendix on PGA Tour keyboard segments.

Changing listEdit

Pop 1-Bon Jovi

8 Beat 3-David Bowie

R&B Ballad-Won't Get Fooled Again

Mellow 8 Beat-The Smashing Pumpkins

Slow Ballad 2-The Outlaws

Synth Pop-Beastie Boys

60's 8 Beat-Sweet


Pop Fusion-Queens of the Stone Age

Latin Rock-Hole


16 Beat 1-Mountain

Slow Soul-Gimme Shelter

Pop Rock 2-Stone Temple Pilots

Oldies 8 Beat-The Acro-Brats

Latin Fusion-Death of the Cool

Rap-OK Go

Folkie Pop-Molly Hatchet

Piano Ballad 1-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Pop Ballad-Tribe

Pop Shuffle-Bang Camaro

16 Beat 2-Metallica

Slow 16 Beat-Deep Purple

Soft Rock 2-Radiohead


Bossa Nova-Mountain


Soft Rock 1-The Killers

Pop Waltz-Soundgarden

Soft Rock 3-30 Seconds to Mars

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