Joseph Helm

Joseph Steff Helm (born September 13, 2000), is an American singer-songwriter and musician, widely known as the lead vocalist and organist of pop rock band The International Airlines.

Joseph Helm
Some attributes
First Birth name: Joseph Steff Helm
Second Birthday: September 13, 2000
Third Genre(s): Breakstep, pop rock,

dance-pop, electropop, 2 step, dubstep, modern pop rock

Other attributes
Fourth Instruments: Vocals, organ, guitar,

bass, piano, drums

Fifth Label(s): Stomp Records
Sixth Associated acts:

The International Airlines.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Helm began his musical career in 1980, when he co-founded 2 step band Silent Society, of which he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. After the commercial failure of their only album, The 60 Minute Warnings, the band split up. Later, he reformed the band and a fifth member was added to form the International Airlines. The band released their first album, Jerseys of Life, which went multi-platinum in the US. Since then, they have released three more albums, Around the World (1981), Wisdome Feeling (1986), and Happy Weiner (1987). As part of the International Airlines, he has received three Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, a PGA Tour Video Music Award and a World Music Award.

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