Jethro Campbell (born December 7, 2000) is a former lead singer in pop rock band Fracus. He loves doing his pencil shake and also looks at movies. He also appears in New York Dancing Stage 2. He has a combed hair, white jacket, green Wrangler pants, orange gloves, and white patrol boots.

Snapshot 20150118 8

Favorite Food(s) Edit

1. Pizza

2. Chicken

3. Cheeseburgers

4. Hot Dogs

5. Cake

6. Cupcakes

7. Cookies

8. Steak

9. Jello

10. Potato Chips

11. Ice Cream

12. Salad

13. French Fries

14. Nachos

15. Tempura

16. Corn Flakes

17. Pancakes

18. Candy

Favorite Drink(s) Edit


Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Milk





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