Chris DiMarco

Chris DiMarco, as she appears in One Direction.

Chris DiMarco
Some attributes
First Birth name: Christina Deborah DiMarco
Second Birthday: August 23, 1999
Third Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY.
Other attributes
Fourth Relationship(s): Charlie Moto (boyfriend)
Fifth Occupation: Was a meteorologist at the PGA Tour Weather Center, and is now the guitarist in One Direction.
Sixth Gender: Female
Christina Deborah "Chris" DiMarco (born August 23, 1999) is a beautiful, fun-looking barbecue girl who is Caleb Hamilton's girlfriend. She had one late news team in two places for the Big Apple to get latebreaking news at night. DiMarco is currently a guitarist of One Direction, and she was previously the meteorologist in the PGA Tour Weather Center. She loves NBC News in Washington, the world's greatest TV network.

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  • Chris is a Virgo.

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