Charles Yoshimuru "Charlie" Moto was born November 9, 2000 in Brooklyn, NY. He is a Japanese-American creative character in the PGA Tour TV series Unknown. Moto has a girlfriend named Andrea Lee and is best friends with his sister Ashley Moto.  He sues Andrea how to be his girlfriend and had to spy and stare at her.

Charlie Moto

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Charlie Moto
Some attributes
First Birth name: Charles Yoshimuru Moto
Second Birthday: November 9, 2000
Third Relationship(s): Chris DiMarco (girlfriend)
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York (Big Apple)
Fifth Occupation: A Lead Singer and Guitarist of One Direction
Sixth Gender: Male

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  • Charlie is a Scorpio.
  • He has a sister named Ashley and his brother Joshua.
  • His favorite restaurant is Famous Dave's.
  • His parents are Takeharu Moto and Barbara Moto.
  • His favorite place to visit is Washington, D.C.
  • Charlie came from Japan, and he moved to America.
  • His favorite musical genre is pop and bridge.
  • His hometown is Tokyo, Japan.
  • His current city is Brooklyn, NY.
  • He went to middle school with his girlfriend Andrea Lee.
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • His favorite news anchors from WBAL-TV 11 are Stan Stovall, Donna Hamilton, and Rod Daniels.
  • His loves to eat popcorn chicken.
  • His favorite song is You are a pirate by LazyTown.
  • He has a stuffed animal named Pikachu.
  • His favorite drink to warm himself up is Hot Chocolate.
  • His job was an ad for Life Alert where he helped the old people.
  • His favorite social media is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikia.
  • Charlie loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • His nicknames are Cute Guy, C.Y., and Japanese Man.
  • He loves to work as a news anchor in PGA Tour News in Washington.
  • His favorite class is Language Arts.
  • His favorite chips are Nachos and Funyuns.
  • Charlie is a YouTube scripting guy.

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